Scotty’s Premium Pet Foods offers retailers a powerful selling point of difference with their natural 2kg Pet Food Rolls. In an era where people are becoming increasingly concerned with the adverse effects of eating preservatives and artificial additives in food, quality natural pet food is growing in demand.

The consumers embracing the benefits of a healthy diet can provide not only for themselves but for their much loved pets.

PRO-PEAK - Using a delicious blend of beef, chicken, pasta, vegetables and garlic, Pro-Peak has been Scotty’s most popular roll since 1988. Pro-Peak is a complete natural diet for dogs of all ages.
CHICKEN LOAF - The original top seller since 1973, Chicken Loaf is a superb roll made from fresh tasty chicken that dogs love.
MEAT ‘N’ VEGIES - Fine in texture, Meat N Vegies is a nutritional combination of fresh meats and vegetables such as carrot, potato and pumpkin. Suitable for all dog types from six weeks old and upwards.
The blend of fresh meats and pastas make for a highly nutritious energy source for active dogs.
This premium quality roll is perfect for the fussy eater, containing beef tongue, kidney, rice, chicken and vegetables that your dog will devour.
NATUROLL - With gourmet meats, vegetables and essential vitamins and minerals Naturoll is a great nutritional source for growing puppies, whelping or lactating bitches.
NUTRA-VITE (Skin & Coat) - With all natural ingredients Nutra-Vite is a superior product that will restore a healthy skin and shiny coat for any dog. Nutra-Vite is a highly developed product which is also excellent for dogs with allergies.
CHICKEN AND RICE (Diet Roll) - A natural healthy way for your dog to lose weight. With a lower fat content the Chicken & Rice is designed to be incorporated into a weight loss program. Feed in the morning and follow the feeding guide on the roll.

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