Scotty's Premium Pet Foods offer a powerful point of difference with our natural 2kg Pet Food Rolls. In an era where people are becoming increasingly concerned with the adverse effects of eating preservatives and artificial additives in food, quality natural pet food is growing in demand. Scotty's rolls offer a complete and balanced natural diet to enhance the well-being of your pet.

Pet owners embracing the benefits of a healthy diet for themselves can also provide this for their much loved dogs.

PRO-PEAK - Using a delicious blend of fresh beef, chicken & vegetables, with pasta and a hint of garlic, Pro-Peak has been used for over 40 years by professional breeders.
CHICKEN LOAF - The original top seller since 1973, Chicken Loaf is a superb 100% natural roll made from fresh tasty chicken & rice that dogs love.
MEAT ‘N’ VEGIES - Meat ’N’ Vegies is a delicious combination of fresh meats & vegies, providing high quality protein, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals to ensure your dog remains in top health & condition.
This premium quality roll is perfect for fussy eaters, containing fresh beef, kidney & chicken and real vegetables with rice and pasta that dogs simply devour.
With all natural ingredients, Nutra-Vite is a superior product that will help maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat for any dog. It is also an excellent choice for many dogs with allergies as it is beef-free.